Monday, October 17, 2011

Out with Summer, in with Fall

By Adam

 I'm writing this on a beautiful fall day here in Alexandria, VA where the temperature is in the upper sixties and not a cloud in the sky.  Many of the trees are starting to change and soon enough we'll probably be seeing our first snow flakes.  As I just finished the first two sentences, I'm wondering why we are still inside!  Thankfully we have a walk planned this afternoon, so the beautiful day won't go to waste.

A lot has happened during the last moments of summer and into fall so I'll do my best to summarize some of the highlights.

First, Reed continues to be a main factor in the Hoagland household as he continues to develop and change on almost a weekly basis.  He loves to talk (or a talking-excited-scream may be a better term) and happily engage with people.  We are very thankful that God has graciously given use a child who loves to engage with others and the world around.  Every time we leave the house and go somewhere whether it's to church, the store or someones house, he is very interested in the new sights and smells.  The only downside to this is that he is so enthralled with what is going on that he doesn't sleep if he is not in his room or a dark and non-active room.  Another thing he has been struggling with recently is taking his bottle.  He would rather play with it than to take it, so we may be trying a new type of bottle in the future.

Physically, he continues to develop as well.  We have to head back to the doctor for a weight check at the five month mark because he dropped from the 53% to 40% (14lbs 9.3 oz) at his four month check-up. That was better than what they had originally due to a computer/typo error which put him in the 8.66%.  We think that since he was in the midst of a growth spurt at the time his weight hadn't had a chance to catch-up, but never-the-less we'll be going back in a couple of weeks.  Outside of the minor weight issue at the check-up he was 25.25 inches long (64%) with a head circumference of 17.75 inches (98%).

He also has some teeth coming in on both the top and bottom.  We didn't see/feel them at first because we were looking/feeling in the front area.  But Sally eventually felt further back in his mouth and found his cuspids on the top coming in.  Currently his cuspids on the bottom are coming in as well.

Secondly, the Lord has been doing a lot of work in our church, Franconia Baptist Church.  We passed a brand new constitution that brought about many changes to how our church is governed.  The church adopted a new statement of faith that is derived from the New Hampshire Confession of Faith from 1853.  With the new constitution we have moved from being led by a single pastor/elder and to a multiplicity of elders, though still in the framework of a congregational governed church.  This move was primarily done to reflect a more biblical form of church governance.

This past week our church elected five more men who will serve along with our current pastor as elders in the church.  In God's grace, I was elected as one of these men to serve as an elder.  I am humbled that God has chosen me as one of these men.  It will be a great privilege to serve Christ's church along with the five other men God has set apart.  All these men have great gifts and wisdom that will benefit the church and me.

Coming up next month we'll be heading back to Indiana for Thanksgiving, but until then we'll be staying pretty busy at home and church.