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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

One year of Bliss

By Adam

This past week marked our one year anniversary. To celebrate one year of marriage we took the long weekend and made a trip to a cabin in the mountains. It was a great time and deserves a post on its own, but I wanted to reflect on marriage after one year.

Though Sally looked absolutely beautiful at the wedding and I had a good enough appreciation of her inner beauty to marry her, she is more beautiful today than a year ago. As the year has gone by I have come to appreciate and love her beauty of the heart and mind even more. There is still a long way to go as I learn about her passions, quirks, desires, preferences, thought process, and all the other aspects, but I’m looking forward to that and by the grace of God I’ll be saying this same thing come next year.

Sal is truly a blessing and I am very thankful for this past year. She is a far better wife than I am a husband and have learned a great deal from her. For example, I tend to have cynical and critical attitude towards others (including Sally), especially when they do or say something that I don’t agree with or understand (sarcasm because I have it all figured out… /sarcasm). But Sal is teaching me how to be gracious, whether it’s by her example when she responds to situations where I’m cynical or critical towards others or Sal’s response to me when I have an unhealthy attitude toward her. I have a long ways to go, but she has taught me much in this regard. It exemplifies her Christ like character that I have come to love, cherish, and benefited from as a sinner saved by grace.

Marriage isn’t easy; of course you know this or have heard people talk about the hardships of marriage. Each marriage is different with their unique difficulties and challenges, but a common theme is that there are two people who continue to sin and need a constant supply of grace that only God can supply. It is during these times, which usually comes after me saying/doing something insensitive or non-Christ like that hurts Sal, where I learn about forgiveness, love, and grace. It is during these times where I am reminded about my constant need for a Savior and am extremely thankful for a wife who understands the same.

My dearest, thanks for the wonderful year and I’m looking forward to this next year as our marriage continues to grow. I love you!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Reflections

Yesterday was a first for us, actually we had a couple of first's and I (or Sally) will get to that in another post, but it was the first time we spent Mothers Day away from our mothers. It wasn’t the fact that we were merely away from them; because I know there were a couple of times when I wasn’t able to get home for Mothers Day. But more to the reality that we are permanently away from them, separated by a couple states and several hours.

Obviously, this hasn’t changed our love or appreciation for our mothers, but does change how we relate to one another. We can no longer take a two hour trip up to Fort Wayne, or a three second walk to another room. Now we rely more on technology like Skype to stay connected, which is wonderful, but it isn’t the same as seeing and hearing them in “real” life. Though we understand and joyfully embrace the location God has placed us to, we miss the access and presence of our mothers.

To that end we want to thank God for our mothers and their impact and influence on our lives.

Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year Thoughts

This year has held many changes for both of us. Primarily and most obvious: we got married! These past four months have been wonderful as we learn more about each other and as we adjust to becoming a couple. Some other changes for us were moving from Indiana to the DC metro area, talk about a change!! Praise God for His unending grace toward us. One year ago neither of us would have guessed that we would be married and living in Virginia by 2010. There was a lot of uncertainty about the future as a lot our decisions (schooling, living location, etc.) were contingent on others' actions. Thankfully through that we learned the value of patience and the importance of obedience to Christ on a daily basis, while trusting Him with the ever cloudy future. By no means did we come out a master of either of these traits, but through the months of unknowns we saw value in them.

As we anticipate 2010 we look forward to a year of growth and learning. Adam's job of implementing the HeavyJob software at Shirley Contracting is going strong and he has enjoyed doing a few other jobs as well. I will be taking an online course this spring, but still do not know which credits will transfer from Purdue, leaving my schooling options up in the air for now. In June we are considering moving closer to Adam's work. Right now we live about 12 miles from his office, but in traffic that makes for a 45 minute drive. That's not bad by NOVA standards, but maybe we can do something about it.

We spent Christmas with my family in Tennessee. For New Years we spent the weekend near Colonial Williamsburg. Here are some pictures from our Christmas and New Year vacations:

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